AquaNES - Demonstrating synergies in combined natural and engineered processes for water treatment systems
Drittmittelprojekt mit Industriebeteiligung

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Grischek

Dipl.-Ing. Rico Bartak

AquaNES will catalyze innovations in water and wastewater treatment processes and management through improved combinations of natural and engineered components.

The project focuses on 13 demonstration sites in Europe, India and Israel covering a representative range of regional, climatic, and hydro geological conditions. Among the demonstrated solutions are natural treatment processes such as bank filtration (BF), managed aquifer recharge (MAR) and constructed wetlands (CW) plus engineered pre- and post-treatment options

AquaNES specific objectives are

  • to demonstrate the benefits of post-treatment options such as membranes, activated carbon and ozonation after bank filtration for the production of safe drinking water
  • to validate the treatment and storage capacity of soil-aquifer systems in combination with oxidative pre-treatments
  • to demonstrate the combination of constructed wetlands with different technical post- or pre-treatment options (ozone or bioreactor systems) as a wastewater treatment option
  • to evidence reductions in operating costs and energy consumption
  • to test a robust risk assessment framework for cNES
  • to deliver design guidance for cNES informed by industrial or near-industrial scale experiences
  • to identify and profile new market opportunities in Europe and overseas for cNES


30 Kooperationspartner, darunter 8 im Arbeitspaket 1 "Uferfiltration", welches von der HTWD geleitet wird
Internationale Kooperation

01.06.2016 bis 31.05.2019

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