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Hydroponic Low-tec Systems
Hydroponic Innovation
Drittmittelprojekt mit Industriebeteiligung

Prof. Dr. agr. Fritz-Gerald Schröder

Dipl.-Gart.-Ing. Manuela Haase

Hydroponic cultivation is an increasing practice in protected and recently also indoors all over the world. Higher production and quality, prevention of the dispersal of soil  pathogens and higher water and nutrient use efficiencies are the main advantages of Hydroponics. The two main types of soilless cultivation are water culture and substrate culture, but there are many different techniques under both types like plant factory and vertical farming. On the other hand low-tec systems existingas well for peoble without farmland.

This project aims to create possible new innovations in hydroponics for further synergies.

GIZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit

Intagar GmbH Dresden

09.05.2018 bis 30.06.2018