DataPRO: Upgrading the EU Data Protection Sector with new  Skills
Drittmittelprojekt mit Industriebeteiligung

Prof. Dr. phil. Stefan Handke

Erasmus + Programme ‐ KA3 – Support for Policy Reform EACEA  27/2017 Joint Qualifications in Vocational Education and  Training: "Upgrading the EU Data Protection Sector with new  Skills" 

Cyber attack costs EU business sector $41.3 billion annually, increasing the need to law enforcement cooperation across Europe.
At least 28,000 Data Protection Officers (DPOs) needed to meet General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 requirements, redriving skills and competences in the Sector.
Data Protection Officer DPO / DataP-SKILLS comes as an answer to the above-mentioned issues. Sectoral innovation is thriving, providing new opportunities for recruitment and new skills are demanded from current or future employees in the Sector. Therefore, joint VET Curricula for DPOs has revealed, aiming to empower the major actors with employees that are going to fill the gap and the identified skills mismatch. The objective of the new Curricula is to support the identification of a new Occupational Profile for Data Protection Sector Employees and set up of VET

Curricula that will be based on:

  • a new Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • a new Work Based Learning Scheme,
  • innovative ideas that are going to enhance cross-border, transnational and regional mobility of learners and employees

The transformation of current VET Training on data protection into a more demand led, attractive and appealing profile will result to the improvement of key competencies and skills level of DPOs.


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01.06.2018 bis 30.09.2020