W305 – Process and Quality Management - Strategy

Process and Quality Management - Strategy
Process and Quality Management - Strategy
Module number
W305 [E05]
Version: 2
Business Administration
1 Semester
Summer semester
Module supervisor

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Swen Günther


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Swen Günther
Lecturer in: "Prozess- und Qualitätamanagement - Strategie engl."

Prof. Dr. iur. Thorsten Richter
Lecturer in: "Prozess- und Qualitätamanagement - Strategie engl."

Course language(s)

in "Prozess- und Qualitätamanagement - Strategie engl."

ECTS credits

5.00 credits


150 hours


4.00 SCH (2.00 SCH Vorlesung | 2.00 SCH Seminar)

Self-study time

90.00 hours


Written examination
Module examination | Examination time: 120 min | Weighting: 100% | wird in englischer Sprache abgenommen
in "Prozess- und Qualitätamanagement - Strategie engl."

Form of teaching
  • Tuition in seminars, including discussions, teamwork, independent presentations, and learning by example
  • Case study work will be a crucial part of exercises in order to apply provided theories and models
  • Additionaly, a practical course regarding "Compliance Management" (1 SWS) is offfered
Media type

In-class lecture with presentations (PPT) by lecturerer and joint work on flipchart/ blackboard

Instruction content/structure

1. Zero-Defect-Quality Strategy: Goals and Content, Diemension of Quality, Cost of Conformance/ Non-conformance, Examples

2. Contingency Theory: Scientific work process to achieve (new) scientific knowledge, Example: "Quality Management"

3. Management Concepts: Analysis and evaluation of actual concepts in the field of Process and Quality Management

4. Customer Focus: Success factor for high-quality-products, Determination of Critical-to-Quality characteristics (CTQs) 

5. Compliance Management: Design of products/ services and manufacturing process according to legal requirements 

Qualification objectives

Hard Skills:

  • You can explain pre-conditions, implications and outcome of a sustainable Zero-Defect-Strategy of companies
  • You are able to (scientificaly) analyse and evaluate relevant Quality Management concepts from practice
  • You are able design/ define products and processes according to main customer requirements
  • You know the goals and content of Compliance Management and your are able to explain main fields of action
Social and personal skills

Soft Skills:

  • Your are able to resolve problems/ issues in team
  • Your can formulate cause-and-effect-relationships
  • You can follow a more critical approach of judgement
Special admission requirements
No information
Recommended prerequisites

Fundamentals of Statistics, Management Science, Process Management and Organization, and Project Management

Continuation options

Process and Quality Management - Execution (PQME)


Dumas, M. et al. (2013): Fundamentals of Business Process Management, Springer

Harry, M./ Schroeder, R. (2006): Six Sigma: The Breakthrough Management Strategy Revolutionizing the World's Top Corporations, Crown Business

Juran, J.M. et al. (2010): Juran's Quality Handbook: The Complete Guide to Performance Excellence, McGraw Hill, 6th ed.

Pfeifer, T./ Schmitt, R. (2014): Masing Handbuch Qualitätsmanagement, Carl Hanser, 6. Aufl.

Kieser, A. (Hrsg.) (2006): Organisationstheorien, Kohlhammer, 6. Aufl.

Current teaching resources

All relevant materials are provided in OPAL.


The lectures and exercises are in English.

Guest speakers from leading quality companies are invited to provide hands-on knowledge and experience