W942 – Business Process and Operations Management

Business Process and Operations Management
Business Process and Operations Management
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Version: 1
Business Administration
1 Semester
Summer semester
Module supervisor

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ingo Gestring


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ingo Gestring

Course language(s)

in "Business Process and Operations Management"

ECTS credits

5.00 credits


150 hours


4.00 SCH (4.00 SCH Seminar)

Self-study time

90.00 hours


Written examination
Module examination | Examination time: 90 min | Weighting: 100% | tested in English language
in "Business Process and Operations Management"

Form of teaching

Lecture with exercises, case studies, business simulation games and computer labs,

the Pearson MyOMLab  e-learning tutorial is used, costs of 50€ per course apply to every student

Media type

Presentation with combined e-learning modules

Instruction content/structure

1. Directing the operation

1.1. Introduction to opertations management

1.2. Design of a production framework and operations performance

1.3 Lean Leadership in operation

1.4 The role of people in operations

1.5 Strategies in operarations management

1.6 Continuous improvement

2.  Designing the operation

2.1 Design of fulfilment processes

2.2 Layout- and flow principles

2.2 Methods for process improvement for internal operations

2.3 Digitalisation in operations management

3. Implementing of production systems

3.1 Management of lean transformation

3.2 Current issues of operations management

Qualification objectives

The students

1. can categorize different operations processes and can analyze their impact on the business performance of a company

2. can apply specific methods for the improvement of operations processes and present these changes to the management

3. can lead a team to implement or change a production system in a company

4. can evaluate the role of people, leadership, technology and digitalisation on the transformation process in internal operations management systems

5. can work as a lean or continuous improvement manager in a production company.

Social and personal skills

Project management, team work, presentation skills

Special admission requirements
No information
Recommended prerequisites

Fundamantals of production management and logistics

Continuation options
No information

Slack, Nige et al.l: Operations Management, Pearson, current edition,

Roth, N., zur Steege, C.:Excellent Lean Production - The Way to Business Sustainability. MTM, current edition

Nicholas, J.: Lean production for competitive advantage, CRC Press, current edition

Current teaching resources



The course Business Process and Operations Management covers the internal perspective of industry companies. The supply chain perspective is covered by the course International Supply Chain and Sales Management.