W944 – Academic Research Skills

Academic Research Skills
Academic Research Skills
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Version: 1
Business Administration
1 Semester
Summer and Winter semester
Module supervisor

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Ronny Baierl


Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Ronny Baierl

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in "Academic Research Skills"

ECTS credits

3.00 credits


90 hours


2.00 SCH (2.00 SCH Internship)

Self-study time

60.00 hours


Alternative examination - Portfolio
Weighting: 100% | not graded | tested in English language
in "Academic Research Skills"

Form of teaching

The entire course will be offered as e-learning independent of location and time.

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Instruction content/structure

The module deepens the knowledge of the scientific practice and extends existing basic knowledge for the creation of scientific work. In doing so, students are familiarized with the different types of scientific papers and their respective purposes. Based on the quality criteria of scientific work, basic craft techniques and selected analysis methods are presented and tested to tackle this complex task. Therefore, this module prepares optimally for the upcoming thesis.

Qualification objectives
  • Students learn how to prepare a scientific publication, structure its content and formally correct it.
  • Students understand scientific quality criteria and can take these into account in their own scientific work.
  • Students understand the general structure of a scientific work and the associated logic of individual components
  • Students can differentiate between different types of citation, apply them appropriately and interpret international practices correctly.
  • Students are enabled to understand scientific texts, to use database-supported literature searches in a goal-oriented manner and to assess scientific working methods for their adequate use.
  • Students can apply empirical approaches safely and critically question and discuss scientific publications – also against the background of the selected publication medium.
  • Students can independently work on research questions and derive scientifically sound results from their own investigation and research.
Social and personal skills
  • Students acquire the ability to communicate their own research results in an appropriate way to different addressees.
  • Students will be able to present well-founded research results at scientific conferences, also in an international context.
  • Students can concisely communicate derived practice-relevant recommendations for action even for non-academically educated persons.
Special admission requirements
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Recommended prerequisites

Basic knowledge in academic writing and basic statistical knowledge are required.

Continuation options
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  • Bailey, S. (2011): Academic Writing. A Handbook for International Students.
  • Huff, Anne Sigismund (1999): Writing for Scholary Publication. 
  • Peat, J. et al. (2002): Scientific Writing: Easy when you know how.
  • Turabian, K. L. (2007): A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations: Chicago Style for Students and Researchers.
  • Whitaker, Anne (2009): Academic Writing Guide. A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Academic Papers.

Additional literature will be provided in class.

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