W934 – Strategy and Sustainability

Strategy and Sustainability
Strategy and Sustainability
Module number
Version: 1
Business Administration
1 Semester
Summer semester
Module supervisor

Prof. Dr. Gerard Lewis


Prof. Dr. Gerard Lewis
Lecturer in: "Strategy and Sustainability"

Prof. Dr. Andrzej Raszkowski
Lecturer in: "Strategy and Sustainability"

Course language(s)

in "Strategy and Sustainability"

ECTS credits

5.00 credits


150 hours


4.00 SCH (2.00 SCH Lecture | 2.00 SCH Seminar)

Self-study time

90.00 hours


Alternative examination - Presentation
Module examination | Examination time: 20 min | Weighting: 50% | tested in English language
in "Strategy and Sustainability"

Written examination
Module examination | Examination time: 90 min | Weighting: 50% | tested in English language
in "Strategy and Sustainability"

Form of teaching

Lectures. The principles, concepts and theories will be presented during lectures.

Readings. For many topics there are chapters from the module text books and some additional readings which support the concepts presented in the lectures.

Worked examples and problems. Application of the module materials is reinforced using mini-cases, problems and examples.

Case Studies. Students prepare case assignments prior to the scheduled case discussion. Students will be asked questions relating to the case and are expected to present their arguments and reasoning.

Project. Students will be required to work throughout the semester on a project which identifies and assesses how the corporation's strategy is creating value for stakeholders.

Project Presentation. Student teams make a 20 minute presentation which conveys the essential project information, findings and recommendations to a senior executive as concisely as possible.

Media type

Lecture slides are in PPT format.

Where appropriate, guest lectures and AV material will be used.

Instruction content/structure

The module will cover the following topics:

  • The multi-business corporation
  • Strategic scope
  • The role of the corporate centre
  • Realising corporate strategy
  • Assessing corporate performance
  • Corporate sustainability
Qualification objectives

The aims of the module are:

  • To enable students to develop a strategy for a multi-business corporation which is focused on providing stakeholder value in a transparent and equitable manner.
  • To sensitise students to the dimensions and complexity of the global business context.

After successfully completing the module the student will be able to:

  • Assess corporate performance.
  • Develop a corporate strategy.
  • Integrate sustainability issues into corporate strategy development.
Social and personal skills

Development of analytical and problem solving skills within an strategic context.

Project management skills.

Presentation skills.

Systemic / Holistic thinking.

Accounting for social and ecological issues in strategy development.

Special admission requirements
No information
Recommended prerequisites

Bachelor level module in Business Strategy, Strategic Management or similar

Corporate Strategy requires the application of many areas from a general degree in Business and Management at the Bachelor level.

Continuation options
No information

The following textbooks are recommended for supporting and complementing the module lectures.

Main Texts:

Corporate Strategy: A resource-based approach, Collis & Montgomery, McGraw-Hill Irwin, Boston.

Goold, Campbell & Alexander. Corporate Level Strategy. John Wiley, New York. 1994.

Supporting Reading:

Andrew Crane & Dirk Matten, Business Ethics, OUP.

Johnson, Scholes & Whittington, Exploring Corporate Strategy.

Robert Grant, Contemporary Strategy Analysis.

Current teaching resources

Module materials are available on Portal Sachsen (OPAL)


Strategy and Sustainability is cross-functional in nature and has a high strategic emphasis. Therefore the module draws upon basic knowledge from other subjects and requires students to take a more holistic view of business and management in an international context.

The module provides an important insight into international corporations, strategic management and sustainability. The module is especially relevant for those who wish to make an international career in strategy / general management.