W825 – Resources and Uncertainty in Strategic Management

Resources and Uncertainty in Strategic Management
Resources and Uncertainty in Strategic Management
Module number
Version: 4
Business Administration
1 Semester
Summer semester
Module supervisor

Prof. Dr. Gerard Lewis


Prof. Dr. Gerard Lewis

Course language(s)

in "Resources and Uncertainty in Strategic Management"

ECTS credits

5.00 credits


150 hours


4.00 SCH (4.00 SCH Seminar)

Self-study time

90.00 hours


Written examination
Examination time: 90 min | Weighting: 60% | tested in English language
in "Resources and Uncertainty in Strategic Management"

Alternative examination - Presentation
Module examination | Examination time: 20 min | Weighting: 40% | tested in English language
in "Resources and Uncertainty in Strategic Management"

Form of teaching

Lectures The basic principles, concepts and theories will be presented during lectures. Lecture materials are available on Portal Sachsen (OPAL).

Readings For each topic there are chapters from the main textbooks and some additional readings which support the concepts presented in the lectures.

Worked examples and problems Application of the course materials is reinforced using mini-cases, problems and examples.

Case Studies Students prepare case assignments prior to the scheduled case discussion. Students will be asked questions relating to the case and are expected to present their arguments and reasoning.

Presentations Students will be responsible for preparing and delivering presentations on specific strategic issues in business.

Media type

Lecture slides are in PPT/PDF format

Where appropriate, guest lectures and AV material will be used

Instruction content/structure

The module will cover the following main areas:

The Resource Based View

Resource based strategy

Uncertainty in the business context

Strategic decision making under uncertainty

Qualification objectives

The aims of the module are to show students how:

(a) the resource based view (RBV) of the firm can be a complement to the market based view (Porter) and a strategic basis for developing new business opportunities.

(b) managers can use a range of tools to develop strategies under uncertainty.

After successfully completing the module the student will be able to develop strategy at senior levels in an organisation by applying:

(a) the ‘Resource Based View' in strategy development,

(b) the most suitable tools to help make strategic decisions in uncertain international business contexts. A key competence at the senior management level.

Social and personal skills

Analytical skills – especially of soft factors.

Project management, teamwork & presentation skills

Problem solving – identifying and solving the problem is a key skill in business strategy development

Creativity – ‚stepping outside of the box‘. The essence of business strategy is to do something different.

Special admission requirements
No information
Recommended prerequisites

Resources and Uncertainty in Strategic Management is a capstone module and requires the application of many areas from the Bachelor degree and the first semester of the Master degree programme.

Continuation options
No information

Competing For the Future, Hamel & Prahalad, Harvard Business School Press, Boston.

Foundations for Corporate Success, John Kay, Oxford University Press.

Resourced Based Theory, Barney & Clark, Oxford University Press.

Scenarios: The Art of Strategic Conversation, Kees van der Heijden, Wiley, Chichester, 1996.

There are a number of top journals relevant to Strategic Management:
Strategic Management Journal
Sloan Management Review
Journal of Business Strategy
Harvard Business Review
Journal of General Management
Long Range Planning
Academy of Management Executive
McKinsey Quarterly
Academy of Management Review

Current teaching resources



The module is completely taught in English.

The module is especially relevant for those students who wish to make a career in strategy / general management.

For students who expect to develop an international career, the module also provides an important insight into large corporations and international strategy development.