Z013 – Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication
Intercultural Communication
Module number
Version: 1
Schlüsselqualifikationen (ZFB)
1 Semester
Winter semester
Module supervisor

Dr. phil. Kerstin Kathy Meyer-Ross


Dr. phil. Kerstin Kathy Meyer-Ross

Course language(s)

in "Intercultural Communication"

ECTS credits

5.00 credits


150 hours


2.00 SCH (1.00 SCH Seminar | 1.00 SCH Other)

Self-study time

120.00 hours


Simulation game
in "Intercultural Communication"


Alternative examination - Portfolio
Module examination | Weighting: 100% | tested in English language
in "Intercultural Communication"

Form of teaching

Course in the form of seminars, active network management, getting to know organizational units

Media type

Audiovisual media

Instruction content/structure

The module aims among other things. on a practical deepening of the skills acquired. The students act largely independently and provide, for example, low-threshold offers for intercultural exchange with various cooperation partners, such as faranto e.V., StuRa, Department for International Relations or as university ambassadors for international conferences or matters.

This commitment must be proven accordingly and integrated as a basis in the portfolio to be submitted. The portfolio shows the continuous and independent documentation and self-reflection of a specific topic based on the defined qualification goals.

Qualification objectives

The students acquire the following intercultural skills:

- the ability to relate and analyze one's own culture and culture

- cultural sensitivity and the ability to identify, analyze and use a range of different strategies for interacting with people from other cultures

- the ability to act as a cultural mediator between one's own and the foreign culture and, after a detailed analysis, to deal effectively with intercultural misunderstandings and conflict situations

- the ability to overcome stereotype relationships 

- the ability to confidently deal with foreign values, rules and cultures

- the ability to interact successfully and appropriately with individuals and groups from other cultures

- the ability to self-reflect on one's own culture and one's own position and thus adapt greater empathy and tolerance

- the ability to work creatively and develop concepts

- acquisition of intercultural competence in practice and deepening of the above skills

- creation of actual, intensive and longer-term intercultural interactions

- acquisition of regional and foreign language skills in a chosen destination

 - improvement of cognitive, communicative and affective skills

Social and personal skills

intercultural competence

Special admission requirements
No information
Recommended prerequisites


Continuation options


Current teaching resources

Audio and audiovisual media, scripts


Possibility of receiving an "Intercultural Certificate" from the HTW Dresden for two other activities in addition to the module Z013 described here:

1.Language and communication: Multi-day language course abroad at a recognized language school, language course from the Studium Integrale offer at HTW Dresden, intensive language course as part of the summer language school at HTW Dresden, English-language specialist course as an additional qualification to the regular curriculum

2. Experience abroad: Study or internship abroad as well as a lecture about a stay abroad in the department and a field report

Further information on the intercultural certificate is available from the International Office at www.htw-dresden.de/international.